Flight Inspection

Our top of the line system for high performance navaids flight inspection is our trade mark product the UNIFIS 3000.  The UNIFIS 3000 is by design optimized for efficient operation and will serve you as a powerful tool to cope with the most demanding calibration tasks. Our product is a complete modern design where no compromise has been made to develop the ultimate in flight inspection systems.

The UNIFIS 3000 product family provides flight calibration and/or flight validation of all existing CNS/ATM elements.
New concepts have been introduced for effective and quality assured inspections of: FANS (CPDLC and Link 2000+), ADS-C, GBAS & SCAT-1. SBAS (EGNOS, WAAS, MSAT, GAGAN) ADS-B.

UNIFIS 3000-G2: Misson System

UNIFIS 3000-G2 is the trade mark of a range of high performance NAVAID’s flight inspection tools from NSM, building on the UNIFIS 3000 product line.  The product range is developed using highly advanced development tools and technology, and uses  aviation standard software concept.




Major benefits with UNIFIS 3000-G2

  • Innovative console design
  • Light weight and modular
  • Flexible cabin arrangement for Flight Inspection or Multi Missions with modular consoles
  • Developed using highly advanced development tools and technology
  • Software developed according to ED-109 QA process
  • Unique Human Machine Interface
  • Aviation certified, securing the highest level of reliability and accuracy
  • Advanced, reliable and flexible software with unique features

Modular console design

Multi-mission airborne platforms are becoming more common both for aircraft and helicopters. UNIFIS 3000-G2 was designed to be the most modular console solution on the market. We achieved this target through:

  • Ability to separate operator station from sensor/equipment console
  • Mounts directly to aircraft standard seat rails
  • Quick and easy installation- and removal procedures
  • Modular sections with aviation certified quick mounts
  • Slim yet powerful operator station, stowed and protected when not in use
  • Single or dual monitor option
  • FAR/CS 23, FAR/CS 25 with options for FAR/CS 27 and FAR/CS 29
  • Minimum lifetime of 20 years

Flight Inspection and Flight Validation Functionality

  • SIGINT capability for Flight Inspection and Flight Validation with RF Capture capabilities and RF Interference detection
  • Integration with cockpits from Garmin, Collins, Universal, and Honeywell for Flight Guidance & Flight Validation
  • New Multi Mission Map system for flexible mix of Navigation and Mission information
  • Streamlined flight inspection routines for all types of Instrument Flight Procedures (IFP) like PBN ( RNAV, RNP) & GNSS
  • Easy mission management with powerful programming features
  • Possibility to perform simultaneous multiple facility inspection ensure best possible efficiency
  • Study replay and recalculation in standard office environment
  • Tablet data interface via Wi-Fi for onboard multi user environment
  • Automatic report generation and export to standard office packages
  • High quality color printouts of flight data and reports
  • Interface to Procedure Design tools for binary data exchange ( i.e IDS FPDAM)
  • Data Link capability for remote operation from ground or network data sharing
  • Multi constellation multi frequency GNSS position reference systems with capability of utilizing satellite based correction data services with global centimeter level accuracy
  • High performance computers and real time data acquisition system for accurate timing and calculation of all data

User friendly data presentation

With the operator in mind NSM has designed the most user friendly aviation style graphical data presentation with innovative and novel features:

  • Intelligent Visibility Control (IVC)
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive layout designed in close co-operation with FIS operators
  • Large high resolution color flat-screen main display (1 or 2 main displays)
  • Dedicated separate display for signal analysis and radio interference check
  • On-screen, real-time multiple historical data graph overlay
  • Drag-and-drop parameter selections
  • Voice controlled menus and event notes
  • Facility database with direct link to maps
  • Integrated flight instruments including moving map
  • Context-sensitive on-line help
  • Interface to Google Earth