Aviation Engineering

The  recent acquisition of Aviation Engineering has extended the capacity of Sundt Group to full in-house capabilities of special mission projects to manage turn key special mission projects.

Aviation Engineering was established in 2007 and has been EASA approved as CAMO and Part 21 Subpart J Design Organization (DOA) since 2009. Aviation Engineering is the most recent acquisition by Sundt Group. It is a reputable company providing high quality designs, including Minor modifications and Major STC’s for large and small airplane as well as large and small rotorcraft. Consultancy services are also offered in the field of CAMO and Airworthiness reviews.


Special Mission Capabilites Sundt Group

Design and supply special mission systems; Flight Inspection, Airborne Surveillance and Remote Sensing.

Aircraft maintenance center with integration and modification facility (EASA Part 145 Approved).

Aircraft design organization (EASA Part 21 Subpart J Approved).

Full aircraft operator organization (EASA Part-M Approved).


About Aviation Engineering

Aviation Engineering was founded in early 2007  by  owners and employees representing solid experience from several positions with operators within the aviation industry. The Company  offer services and know-how to operators as a supplement to their own organizations within engineering, maintenance, management, project, design and construction.  Aviation Engineering’s capabilities include:

  • Approved DOA (design organisazation aproval).
  • Approved part M CAMO organization with I privileges
  • Airworthiness Review.
  • Develops and edits procedures established, or to be established, in the organizations
  • Develops and edits maintenance programs established, or to be established, in the organizations
  • Supervision during import and export of aircrafts
  • Quality Audits with corresponding reports
  • General consulting