NSM Project Deliveries

All deliveries from Norwegian Special Mission are organized as Projects, under the leadership of a skilled and dedicated Project Manager. The Project is responsible for all activities from Contract signing to successful delivery to the Customer.

The Project starts with a thorough planning phase. In this phase all activities are described and time-estimated, and resources from our staff of skilled professionals are appointed. The Project Plan is documentet and maintained in our sophisticated project planning tool through the Projects life. A multitude of reports can be offered, enabling our Management and Customers to take part in the progress.


Czech Republic CAA

BeechJet 400 & Let 410

Japan JCAB

Bombardier DASH-8 300

Iceland CAA

Beechcraft KingAir B200

Mexico DGAC

Cessna Citation 500

Field Aviation (Canada)

Bombardier DASH-8 300

Sundt Air

Beechcraft King Air B200

Brasil Air Force

Embraer 110

Czech Republic

Cessna Citation Excel

Turkey DHMI

Cessna Citation XLS

Brasil Air Force

Hawker 800XP

Bulgaria MoD

Let 410

Algerian ANSP ENNA

Cessna Citation XLS+

Spanish Air Force

Cessna Citation V

Italian Air Force

Piaggio P180 Avanti II

Italian ENAV

Piaggio P180 Avanti II

Sundt Air

Beechcraft KingAir 350ER

Myanmar CAA

Beechcraft 1900D

Taiwan Air Force

Beechcraft 1900C

Romanian CAA

Beechcraft KingAir 350

Sundt Air

Beechcraft KingAir 200

Nigerian CAA

Hawker 700

Saudi Arabia

King Air 350

Chile DGAC

Cessna Citation VI

Japan JCAB

Cessna Citation CJ4

Chile DGCA

Citation II

Spanish Air Force

Cessna Citation V

Japan JCAB

Cessna Citation CJ4

Indian Air Force

Dornier 228

Embraer (Brazil Air Force)

Legacy 500 (Proline Fusion)

Japan Air Self Defense Force

Cessna Citation Latitude (Garmin 5000)


King Air 350i (Proline Fusion)


Cessna Citation Longitude (Garmin 5000)